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Innovation is the soul of Andes R&D Department. Our designers and engineers are specialized in ODM and new models development for more than 5 years. Their obligations involve in current models' adjustment & improvement, new models design & development, fresh concept research & investigation, and future trend forecasting & analysis. Their rich experience and vast knowledge about our products strengthened the power of Andes. Besides, Andes R&D Center often cooperates with oversea design studios. Each quarter we will launch a totally new model.

Flow of New Model Development with Customers
  1. Market survey: 1~6 months
  2. Design studio offers original design sketch: 1 month
  3. Andes audits original design sketch: 15 days
  4. Customer audits and confirms original design sketch: 15 days
  5. Design studio offers final design sketch: 15 days
  6. Andes and customer confirm final design sketch: 15 days
  7. Design studio offers clay model: 15 days
  8. Andes, customer and design studio confirm clay model: 7 days
  9. Design studio scans clay model to collect digital data: 7 days
  10. Rapid prototyping bike: 1 month
  11. Andes, customer and design studio audit and confirm the rapid prototyping bike: 15 days
  12. Mould development: 3 months
  13. Sample bike and road test: 2 months
  14. Customer confirm sample bike: 15 days
  15. Small scale trial production: 1 month
  16. Mass production to the market

*The whole procedure of new model development will cost about 12 months more or less depends on the model.
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