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Chongqing Andes Mechanical/Electrical Trade Co., Ltd. is located in Chongqing New North Zone, near Chongqing Lianglu-Cuntan Free Trade Port Area.

As a municipality directly under the Central Government, Chongqing is the largest industrial and commercial center in southwest China, and a hub of land and water transportation in the upper Yangtze River, with a population of 32 million. It covers the area of about 90 thousand square kilometers at present.

Chongqing is the birthplace of Ba and Yu culture, with an ancient history spanning more than 3,000 years valley. It is said to be the semi-mythical State of Ba that began in 11th century BC which is famous for its Huben Troop, the bravest warriors of China. In 1189, when Prince Zhao Dun of the Southern Song Dynasty was first made a king here then crowned as Emperor Guangzong, he commented that it was "double/repeated happy celebration", so renamed here to Chongqing Subprefecture that means "double happiness" in Chinese language. In 1243, Chongqing people created a turning point of the world history. Mongol prince Mengo was defeated here and it stopped Mongol's expansion in Europe and Africa because of turmoil after his death. During World War II, Chongqing was the provisional capital of China to lead Chinese people to defeat Japanese invaders. Today, this vast southwestern dynamo is known as Chongqing Municipality.

Chongqing is full of tourism resources. The most famous is the Three Gorges, a scenic area along Yangtze River. The 200-km long area is the most visited canyon in China. Besides its gorgeous natural scene, it is also a culturally rich area. Other tourism sites include Dazu Stone Carvings, mainly Buddhist themes, it was carved from the Tang Dynasty, now belongs to UNESCO World Heritage. City sightseeing is also a famous part of Chongqing tourism.

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